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Rob Harris Empower Network Coach

 Benefits of Joining My Empower Network Team:

  • Exclusive Training ($1,997 value): When you take action and join me in my Empower Network team, you will get the personal training that you need to get your business started right.
  • Live Recruiting Events ($100/week value): We host weekly team training and recruiting calls. The information that we teach will help anyone in any online business, not just Empower Network.
  • One on One Coaching ($500/hour value): I will personally coach members of my team to help them get results. You must be willing to listen, and to work to get my time. I’ll be as serious about your success as you are. As a leader, I care about you and want you to succeed, and make a ton of money with me here in Empower Network.
  • Insiders Access (priceless): As a member of my personal team you will have access to secret trainings and exclusive team resources.
  • We are Fun (priceless): As you can see, I’m a laid back guy that likes to have fun while making money. We just want you to get paid for enjoying life.
  • The Bold Truth (priceless): I’m a ‘no horseshit’ guy. I will tell you how it is whether you want to hear it or not. I know what it takes to get results in this industry, and I am willing to teach those that are willing to learn.

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